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Welcome to Melbourne Dentist Qualified dental care at the lowest price.

We offer solutions, emergency care , dental hygiene treatment , crowns and bridges, implants, facades, and more. Our teeth whitening is very popular and offered at very good prices . We offer two different teeth whitening methods; laser bleaching at the clinic as well as tailor-made pale bell where you even light your teeth easily and safely at home. 

At Melbourne Dental we always put quality in the first place. An internal group of experienced dentists continuously reviews all treatments performed at Melbourne Dental. This is to ensure that the quality of dental care is the best possible. Learn more about how we work with quality .

We recommend our patients to visit dentists every or every two years, depending on how public health in the mouth looks. If you have many old fixings that need to be checked or had other problems, we recommend an annual check. If you have healthy teeth, you may be in control every two years. However, it is always worth checking out, both financially and healthily! 



Before Melbourne Dental commences a treatment, a survey is conducted and a cost proposal is made. The survey means that we are looking for holes and any bad fillings that need replacing. We also check gums, tongue and gums. In some cases it is also necessary to check the checker and chewing muscles. 

We also X-ray to get a comprehensive picture of your dental status. At Melbourne Dental we use the latest digital x-ray technology, which allows us to quickly display the images on a monitor. Digital X-rays require lower radiation doses and are more environmentally friendly. Digital X-rays make it easier for us to show and explain what we see. 

After the examination we will diagnose and tell you what dental care you need. You also get a cost suggestion that you would like to compare with other dentists' cost proposals. 


Teeth Repair

At Melbourne Dental we perform different types of treatments, depending on what suits the individual patient best. If the patient wants to stumble, which gives a completely painless fix. 

 Melbourne Dental 

We start by removing all the caries from the infected tooth, then the hole is filled with a composite material of the same color as the tooth. The filling is put and adjusted to make the bite feel good. We also replace fillings if needed.